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Each piece is unique and thoughtfully designed by first doing a bar try in and a temporary prosthesis milled direct to the implants. If the bar fits passively, the prosthesis can be screwed in without the bar. If there is a need to adjust intraorally, and the bite is dialed in, a quick impression of the prosthesis can be taken intraorally or scanned using an intraoral scanner.


Next Day Final 1-2 Day Delivery

Virtual Axis Hygienic Bar and long term PMMA with 5 year warranty for the titanium bar and PMMA. Call for more information.

Conversion Denture

Hygienic bar and long term PMMA with 5-year warranty.

Hygienic bar with Zirconia with 5-year warranty.

Hygienic Bar

Multiple options available.

We accept STL files, PIC Dental files and ICAM 4D files.

Our long term PMMAs are milled with pink acrylic and are distinctly processed unlike regular bar overdentures.

No more teeth debonding.

Our Hygienic Bar is designed just like our anatomic wax up design. The intaglio surface is highly polished to prevent food from sticking, food trap, and bacteria. Our bars are milled from robust mills that create a nice interface for all kinds of different implants.