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Joe AbadSantos




The man behind Virtual Axis 109 Dental Design. His dedication to quality and precision allows Joe to create masterpieces that put genuine smiles on faces. An engineer by nature, his early interest in mending things and his attention to detail have helped him succeed in the field of dental design. 

Joe has been working as an expert in his field since 1999. He started in New Hampshire as a Lead Captek Technician and was then sent to different states to learn at seminars and lectures, gaining expertise on topics like philosophy, research, and the application of dental designs. Joe then worked in Methuen, MA as a Production Manager, where he learned the flow of running quality production. From there, Joe began travelling to New York where to facilitate demos, as well as represent companies at national and international conventions. He was sent to Germany and Switzerland to receive training on how to install and use milling machines; Joe was also commissioned to train clients needing mechanical and technical support in the U.S. and abroad. Relocating to Connecticut, Joe started the Milling Center that helps manage the overflow production of big and small laboratories here in the United States and Canada. He also became the Chief Technology Officer for a dental lab in Phoenix AZ. 

Selected because of his skills and industry insight, Joe was asked to serve as a Beta Tester for some of the leading scanner and design equipment and software in the industry. He currently gives one-on-one CADCAM training to lab owners, and he is one of the familiar faces teaching the educational seminars on Exocad, CADCAM, Scanning, and CAM Nesting techniques during LMT Lab days. Being in the industry for more than 19 years, Joe is considered a master in his field and is highly regarded by his colleagues and patients alike. Joe is constantly striving to ensure he is educated on the newest technological innovations in the sector with the goal of providing the best service possible to his clients.